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Ready meals menu available from The Barn



Fishcakes (please ask for this week’s variety)



Mixed bean cassoulet (vegan). Mixed beans in a rich tomato sauce with sautéed vegetables & herbs.


Moroccan vegetable tagine (vegan). Pan fried aubergines with courgettes, peppers, onions, chickpeas & dried fruits in an aromatic sauce.


Mac n cheese (veggie). Macaroni pasta in a luxurious rich cheese sauce with Dijon mustard & a touch of cloves & bay leaves.




Ratatouille with polenta cake (vegan). Sautéed Mediterranean vegetables in an herby tomato sauce, served with a cheesy flavoured polenta cake.


Sausage bean cassoulet. Cumberland sausages cooked in a rich tomato sauce with mixed beans & herbs.


Liver & bacon. Pan fried Lambs liver, smoked bacon lardons & caramelised shallots with hints of sage, in a rich red wine gravy.




Marinated lamb chops. Slow cooked with black garlic, rosemary & thyme. 


Brown down chicken with jollof rice. Chicken pieces cooked in brown sugar with jerk sauce, madras spice & honey, served with traditional spicy African Jollof rice.


Lamb casserole. Lamb braised in red wine, garlic & rosemary with tomatoes, root vegetables & thyme.


Goat curry. Slow cooked in a traditional Jamaican curry sauce,  served on spicy Jollof rice.


BBQ lamb ribs. Slow cooked in a Mesquite BBQ sauce.


Mushroom stroganoff (vegan). Sautéed wild mushrooms, shallots & garlic with smoked paprika & tarragon in a dry white wine sauce, coconut cream & a dash of mushroom soy & tamari.


Superfood salad with falafel (vegan). A nutritious salad of mixed quinoa, edamame beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sweet potato & baby stem broccoli, with falafels.


Black turtle bean & coconut chilli with nachos. Sautéed butternut squash, tomatoes, black beans, chillies & cumin bound in a spicy chipotle sauce with coconut cream & toasted flaked coconut.


Beef chilli with nachos. Minced beef, sautéed onions, dry roasted cumin seeds, tomatoes, mixed beans & chillies bound in a spicy chipotle chilli sauce, served with cheese tortilla chips with dips.




Whole vegetable pie (veggie). Sautéed root vegetables in creamy veloute sauce with mature cheese, in potato pastry.


Short rib of beef. Slow cooked with root vegetables, aromatic spices, black treacle & ale gravy.