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Updated: Apr 14


With a ying and yang and yippiedeedoo we announce our re re re opening!

Come the 16th April, we are pleased to announce that the Number One King Street restaurant will re-open in the courtyard and open sided barn on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. From May the café will re-open too! All of our food will be available to eat in or take-away.

We are really sorry to disappoint those who supported our fruit and veg shop, but unfortunately it will not be reopening. The wines, beers and local produce stays but sadly, there is not enough space at the moment for fruit and veg, as we have to make the most of the space we have and utilise this space for out-door seating.

Buying local and plastic free is always important to us and we will continue to use Alan and other local producers for the food we serve. You will still be able to buy all the other lovely goodies that The Barn provided from the ea.

We’ll be open from 9am offering breakfast, we will serve lunch from midday and on Friday and Saturday nights it’s the return of the evening menu with pizza, burger, ribs plus much more. The menu will be slightly restricted to start with to ensure safe working conditions and to adhere to Covid working practices guidelines but its still fab.

  • Sausage rolls are back as our all of Zara’s lovely cakes.

  • Companions’ sourdough bread will be back as will fresh breads and pastries.

  • We’re adding some bakery shop items too.

  • Hot food Friday returns - I’ve been craving Jamie’s Laksa so Jamie’s doing a take on this with a Bangkok rice noodles pot with chicken or tofu.

The outdoor space – we’re transforming this not just to provide a lovely, safe outside seating area but also to provide a full bar with draught lager and cocktails so you can meet with my family and friends and enjoy a pint or gin (don’t know what you’ll talk about so we’ll have some Monty phyton menus available!) so please put your coat on and come and enjoy - please note that the rule of 6 or 2 household rule still applies until June.

Online ordering – by the time we re-open there will also be an online ordering system in place, with ordering available 24/7 and timeslots to collect your meal; so please go to from 12th April at 9am and order away!

It's been a tough year, but there is light at the end of the tunnel – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

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