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Number One King Street summer update

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I know that all you want to know is when the café is reopening but I’ve been working bloody hard to save my business so you can jolly well read all my chatty news to find out – haha!

This should be the massive “thank you for making our first year in business such a success” newsletter……. unfortunately, despite wonderful support, amazing comments and feedback and a load of hard work the world is quite a different place.

We, along with everyone else really have our backs against the wall but my glass is a quarter full and I believe that positivity breeds positivity so let’s talk about all the fun, enjoyable and good things that we have been doing and what we hope to do.

News in brief -

Fantastic new pastry chef - started

Brilliant fruit, veg and local produce shop that is The Barn - opened

Awesome body boarding week in north Cornwall – done

New deli bar in The Barn - opens 9th September

New amazing take away menu in The Barn – soup, jacket pots, hot drinks, made to order sandwiches, baguettes and a whole lot more – 9th September

Yummy café menu tweaked – (fab word)

New milkshake, smoothie and cold drinks menu

Zara’s oh so tasty dessert menu

Opening up of the very rustic unpainted back room - launch 9th September

Extensive range of frozen meals to have at home – waiting for you

Created our own range of jams and chutneys – awaiting labels

British made wood fired pizza oven - soon to be lit

Piano – sitting quietly waiting to be tuned

Deliveries – should we or shouldn’t we?

Zara -

The fan fare trumpet blowing announcement is all about our new chef. As much as we can is local; from our veg to our beer, from our dog treats to our oils and slightly madly when the business is closed and there is only uncertainty ahead we just had to have a Potton born and bred star, who started her own cupcake business at the age of 14, selling at the farmers market. Since then she has done loads of pastry work, been to college and only gone and worked at The Savoy in London. They actually offered her a job but luckily for all of Potton she has decided to stay here – it’s with a ticker tape parade through town we are so pleased to let everyone know that Zara is now on board. She will be baking all of our cakes for The Barn and café, devising fab deserts as well as learning and growing under Jamie’s guidance. She is FAB.

Wednesday, 9th September – the day the café re-opens.

Our new opening days for the café and The Barn will be Wednesday to Sunday. We recommend (but not essential) booking as we have 30% less capacity. Obviously there have been a number of changes to adhere to COVID-19 best practice guidelines. We will be taking contact details of 1 person on each table on arrival, everyone has to hand sanitise on the way in and you need to remember the 1 meter plus rule when you excitedly see someone you haven’t seen for about 4 months (and at all other times of course).

Menus have been tweaked and we hope you’ll like these changes. We have added a brilliant desert menu as well as milkshakes and smoothies to our drinks menu.

The Barn

This proved to be a big hit during lockdown. Never were we busier than when people were allowed out for one hour a day and when they couldn’t get a supermarket delivery slot. We have local people dropping off excess fruit and veg as well as 3 local suppliers giving us the freshest fruit and veg that you can get; to boot there’s no plastic and just 5.5 road miles at max. The gaps in our range are filled by my visits to GM Growers to buy the best I can.

Our sausage rolls have been a major success as well as our Bedfordshire clangers. We have fresh salads every Thursday – Saturday and the local beers are always popular.

Hot Food Friday is a hit with Jamie’s love of Asian food, people are trying, and loving the different foods we serve.

We are always trying (I know I am!) new things and this week we have added ice cream smoothies and iced coffees and teas to our repertoire.

The initial high of The Barn has been somewhat lost now as people have been returning to work and their old ways of one shop supermarket shopping. We are totally gutted about this but with the addition of the deli, the opening of the café and back room, we hope The Barn can succeed.

New – the deli bar

Listening to peoples suggestions and filling the gap left by the bakery closing, we are in the process of adding a deli counter to The Barn where you will be able to get lots of the lovely foods we sell in the café, to take away. We will also have freshly made-to-order sandwiches and baguettes, a fresh daily soup as well as a hot jacket potato offering with loads of different fillings. We will also continue with the “hot food Friday” special – this has been a great success – thank you.

New – the back room

At the back of The Barn we have a large room which Paul has nearly finished renovating. Due to Covid-19 we keep an open mind as to how this space will be utilised but our dreams were to have things like craft fayres, pop up events, live music, private parties, themed evenings, gin and wine tastings, private events and a big scary Halloween evening. We’ll just have to see……..

With the loss of capacity in the café I think this might work as another area to sit and enjoy our food from. We look forward to hearing people’s suggestions and thoughts and to see how this organically grows.

There’s a piano waiting to be tuned……….


Pizza has always been something we were going to do and since writing about this on the first blackboard which went in the McColls shop window it’s still on the cards.

Ignoring the dire straits of Covid-19 and common sense I whizzed up to Nottingham to visit a British company making wood fired pizza ovens. Hopefully next week our very own pizza oven will be delivered. The idea was to offer pizza deliveries, pizza and music evenings in The Barn and to offer a mobile pizza bar for private events. This is all still happening we just can’t quite say when.


We will at some point conduct a poll to get everyone’s thoughts on offering a delivery service for produce from The Barn. Another one of the ideas that is on hold but I really feel we can offer something to our community. The crux of the matter is money. Do we invest in a van and on line ordering system? We’ll be asking you if you would use this service sometime in the future.

So that’s us, working hard, innovating, just about keeping our heads above water and trying to give you all something to enjoy…………..

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