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Updated: May 21, 2020

4 weeks in and I think we are getting the hang of it!

The support and positive response is amazing and it really does make the long days’ worth while. The menus have been really well received and we seem to have the right mix of dishes with lovely positive comments about the quality and diversity of the menus. We have made a few tweaks based on people’s comments.

Evening Opening menu – We are now open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 6pm. Kitchen opens at 6.30pm with last orders at 9pm. We rolled out the menu last Thursday (14th) and I’m not just saying it but Jamie has done an amazing job. The dishes looked amazing and tasted great. We had really fab feedback from our first few evenings so let’s hope it takes off.

Sunday lunch – last Sunday I turned away 18 people for lunch. All these people just wanted our normal menu as they don’t get to try it during the week, so Jamie and I have decided to just have the weekly menu on a Sunday with a specials board. We hope you like this idea.

Christmas menus – lunch or dinner. All the festive fayre is on these and we already have a number of Christmas parties booked in which is good. I know we are a little late on this front but please do think of us when organising or thinking of where to go.

The Veg shop has been a huge hit and we are getting local producers coming by asking us to stock their goods, so we’re really pleased that the idea / concept is understood.

Christmas presents - For December we will have even more lovely foodie things ideal for Christmas gifts and we have some beautiful Christmas food related gifts too.

Great idea from Rachel at Elephant & Feather – gift vouchers. So, we £10 and £20 gift vouchers to replace socks as the prefect present!

New Year’s Eve – chatting away to people we have decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party with DJ and buffet dinner from 8pm. Doors open at 7pm with food served from 8pm. Carriages at 1am. This will be a ticketed only affair so please book soon. Cost is £25 per head; this should be a family affair, so children are invited too. Cost is their age up to 14 years old when you’ll have to pay full price as they all seem to have bottomless stomachs at that age.

Christmas / New Year Opening – we will close for Christmas on Sunday 22nd when I will possibly sleep for a week but also have some time with my family who I never see these days! We will re-open on 27th, not close on Monday 30th and then party hard New Year’s Eve with breakfast from 9am, lunch from 12.30pm on New Year’s Day. We will then be closed until Wednesday 8th January when we’ll be refreshed and raring to go.

Lastly – the Hash brown - They have annoyed me from day 1 - We couldn’t find what we were looking for so now do our own bubble and squeak instead on the breakfast menu.

Thank you for your support and please pop in.

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