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Covid 19 update

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Of the utmost importance is the safety of our staff and all our lovely customers who have made the start of the Number One King Street journey such a success.

Lagging behind in 3rd place is the necessity to make money! Our shut down, could not have been at a worse financial point for us so as we move towards re-opening, we have to be extremely careful.

The support we have received from the day we got the keys to a grotty mini supermarket just over a year ago has been phenomenal; the comments and feedback since opening wonderful and support since our closure heart-warming and very much needed. All of this gives us great confidence in what we are trying to do for the people of Potton and surrounding area however what we are unsure of is how people are going to behave and how people’s habits will change once the great fanfare of one day - 4th July settles.

We are fortunate to have a large space which enables us to safely implement the government guidelines and ensure safe distancing between tables while only losing a few covers, but our overheads will remain as before. So, with the uncertainly of how people’s habits will change we feel it best to let the dust settle around the 4th July and take stock in mid-July with a view to opening at the beginning of August. We feel this will allow people time to find their feet again and become comfortable with going out again and therefore give us an understanding of expected business levels without putting additional pressure on our finances.

We are sure you will support us in this cautionary approach to re-opening and very much hope to see everyone soon. In the meantime, please do support The Barn where you can get take away coffees, our home cooked food for reheating at home, lovely local fruit and vegetables as well as fantastic picnic items and lots of lovely local foods.

Be sensible, stay safe and see you all in The Barn

Simon and Anna

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