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Served 12.15-2.30





Soup of the day served with homemade focaccia ~ £5.5


Beef chilli nachos ~ £8

Spicy bean chilli nachos (V) ~ £8

Mac n cheese (V) ~ £7.5

Laksa (V): an aromatic coconut broth with Chinese leaf & Thai rice noodles topped with either grilled chicken breast or

griddled tofu ~ £11

Poke bowl (V): edame beans freekah, pickled vegetables, kale, slaw, avocado, with either grilled chicken breast or

falafel ~ £10.5

Forgotten forest (V): roasted beetroot and garlic mushrooms, goats cheese walnuts, puy lentils with rocket ~ £10.5


All served with skinny fries

Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli mayo ~ £12

Classic beef, lettuce, tomato and house relish ~ £12

Homemade falafel with slaw and corn chutney (V) ~ £12


with butter

Cheese (V) ~ £6

Baked beans and cheese (V) ~ £7

Tuna mayo or coronation chicken ~ £8

Beef or bean chilli (V) ~ £9


with homemade passata

4 cheese and tomato (V) ~ £6

Pepperoni: pepperoni with cheddar cheese ~ £8

Lebanese spiced lamb, feta, red onion chutney, coriander and yoghurt ~ £9

The Izzy (V): mozzarella, mushroom, artichoke, olives, fresh chilli smoked garlic, rocket ~ £9.5

Veggie volcano (V): mozzarella, roasted courgette and peppers, aubergine and chilli flakes ~ £8.5

The Zara: Parma ham, caramelised onion, feta cheese and sundried toms ~ £9.5

Hawaiinnaa: ham, pineapple and cheddar cheese ~ £7

Meat Lovers: pepperoni, salami, nduja and chorizo ~ £9


Fish finger sandwich, leaves, tartare and ketchup ~ SLICED £6.5 BLOOMER £7.5

4 cheese mayo (V) ~ SLICED £5 BLOOMER £6

Tuna mayo ~ SLICED £6 BLOOMER £7

Coronation chicken ~ SLICED £6 BLOOMER £7

Hummus and beetroot (V) ~ SLICED £5.5 BLOOMER £6.5


Skinny fries ~ £3

Sweet potato wedges ~ £4 

Cheesy ~ £4

Wedges  ~ £4


Sausage, fish finger, macaroni cheese or lasagne served with skinny fries and beans or salad ~ £5



Allergen information is available, just ask one of the team. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that foods are 100% allergen-free. Whilst taking every precaution, some foods may be cooked or prepared using the same equipment. 

(V) Vegetarian Please ask for our vegan and gluten free options

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